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Format Description for FRCPSP Heuristic Solutions

Your solution must have a header surrounded with equal signs (7 or more =). The header shall have the name of the instance set (Instance Set) and the name of the problem instance (Instance Name). It shall also include Makespan for your solution. Please note that Instance Set is the same as you have in instance set files without any suffix (for f10.zip, Instance Set is f10 for example). Also, Instance Name is the same as the name of the file contained in instance set file without the ending '.xml' suffix. For example, for NetworkGen75.xml, Instance Name will be NetworkGen75:

    Instance Set    :f10
    Instance Name   :NetworkGen75
    Makespan        :147

After the header, you must have lines like the following:

    a=1 t=0  r1=0.0  r2=0.0  r3=0.0  r4=0.0
    a=2 t=1  r1=6.888    r2=4.443222858557518    r3=5.020465423337185    r4=5.621872157121637
    a=12    t=89     r1=0.0  r2=0.0  r3=0.0  r4=0.0

Each line represents an activity (a=2), a time period (t=1) and resource demands for each resource type (for resource type r1, the demand is 6.888 for example).
Activity numbers must be written in a non-decreasing order. Also, time periods within a particular activity must be in an increasing order.

NOTE: while activity and resource numbers may start from 1 in instance sets, they must start from zero in your solution file. So, activity N in your solution file would correspond to activity N-1 in instance set. And, the same thing applies to resource numbers.

After submitting your solution, you should get the result report from the system. The system will tell you whether your solution is correct or not. In case of incorrect solution, you would get the reason that your solution is not correct. Your solution may be incorrect in its format or in its feasibility.

Possible format error descriptions are:

    Error on line 45 of solution for NetworkGen75: activity numbers are not in increasing order.
    Error on line 45 of solution for NetworkGen75: time period numbers for activity 5 are not in increasing order.

Possible infeasibility descriptions are:

   Violation: a=5 r=3 t=45 q=6.7312 above maximum quantity(6.5667)

   Your solution is better and it has updated our archive.

   Your solution is not better and it has not updated our archive.

Welcome page Upload your solution here How to download Download data Latest news